Leaf Removal Services / Cuyahoga County OH / Commercial & Residential

There are several different methods to clean-up your leaves. We will work with you to help determine the best method to handle your leaves, because it may be a combination of all 3 methods.

Bagging: We will blow the leaves out of your landscaped areas onto the lawn, then we will collect the leaves with the mower. We will either dump them in a specified area or haul the leaves away for you.

Mulching: With this service we will still blow the leaves out of landscaped areas onto the lawn, but instead of bagging the leaves we will mulch them. This may require making several passes, to minimize the volume.

Mowing: The last choice would be to mow the yard as we normally would. This would not include blowing the leaves onto the lawn. This would be more suitable for a property with many trees and a high growth rate for the grass.

Leaf clean-ups have a higher cost than normal grass cutting due to the following (done approximately every 2 weeks):

More time: Blowing leaves out of beds and areas inaccessible to the mowers requires more time compared to normal grass cutting.

More equipment: The use of specialized vacuum systems for the mowers, and truck. High powered leaf blowers.

More equipment maintenance: Leaves create much more dust than normal lawn mowing, which is hard on both the air and oil filtration systems. It requires more frequent changing of those filters and the oil.

Compost Fees: The disposal of the leaves and other yard waste materials. *Please note that all leaves are taken to composting facility and not a landfill.

During the Spring and Fall we can provide this most “invaluable” service that very few others can. Curbside Leaf Pick-Up is geared towards the home owner that doesn’t want to deal with bagging leaves and having to dispose of them on their own. All that is needed here, is to get the leaves to the curb, and we will take care of the rest.

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